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Your gateway to personalized psychiatric care!

Mental health is NOT a “one-size-fits-all”. 

Every person is different. Every mind is unique. Each has their own strengths, merits, beliefs, life experiences, and challenges.  We acknowledge this uniqueness when tailoring a care plan that fits only YOU. 

Are you a high achieving professional suffering from stress or burn out?

Do you feel easily overwhelmed by daily activities?

Do you feel it takes you longer to accomplish what others can get in half the time?

Are you a parent wondering how to help your child reach their maximum potential?

Are you struggling with inattention at school, work, or your social life?

Do you have mood changes?

Do you feel stuck in your own head at times?

Are you wondering if your child is purely active, or do they have ADHD?

I tailor treatment plans personalized to you to provide the best outcomes. Every brain has its own puzzle that when understood can unwrap its maximum potential. Same with treatment plans; the right type (s) of treatment has to be put together to clarify the big picture. Treatment pieces of the puzzle may include improving sleep, nutrition, therapy modalities (that best suits you), and/or medication when needed. 

If you want to know more about my practice approach, you can schedule a free consultation. Let’s talk!  

Manar Abdelmegeed, MD, MPH


“Previous doctors described me as a difficult mom, but you understood my worry about my child. Thank you for giving me the platform to comfortably share my worries and helping me better understand their condition.”
“It’s easy opening up to her and I do not need to worry about whether she got my message or not. She is very reliable and answers my messages promptly."
”I have been struggling for years to know my diagnosis, and finally found an answer at Albabcare. My doctor did a detailed examination and walked me through my new diagnosis and how to treat it."
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